Here’s the guitar scales tabs: This page includes notation/tabs and scale diagrams for each position along the fretboard. All Rights Reserved. Ab – Bb – Cb – C – Eb – F. For a complete lesson on the Major Blues Scale, read this lesson.. Ver 1. You can find out how to read guitar tab here: How To Read TAB; 1 Octave C Major Scale in Open Position. The Ab Major Blues Scale contains the following notes:. These can be described as intervals, as semi-notes or steps on the guitar fingerboard, written as 2 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1 from the first note to the next octave. Here are the 5 CAGED positions for the Ab Major blues scale (notes and tabs). The simple B-flat major chord, which forms the root of the B-flat major scale, contains the notes Bb, D, and F— the first, third, and fifth notes of the key of Bb major. The notes in the A flat Major scale are as follows: Ab – Bb – C – Db – Eb – F – G. If you are interested in learning about modes and guitar scales, it should be pointed out that the Ab major scale is effectively the same scale as the Ab ionian scale. 19,269 views, added to favorites 190 times. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. A Flat Major Scale Notes: Ab Bb C Db Eb F G; G Sharp Major Scale Notes: G# A# B# C# D# E# F## Ab Key Signature: Four Flats; G# Key Signature: G Sharp is rarely used due to problems caused by the need for a double sharp; Scale Formula: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7; Scale Intervals: W W H W W W H The A flat Major scale contains 4 flats. A Flat Major Scale Positions On The Guitar Fretboard. A Flat Major Blues Scale on the Guitar – 5 CAGED Positions, Tabs and Theory. Major scales on the guitar follow the pattern shown below, playing the notes in the number order they appear below (remember, the 8 of the first octave serves as the 1 of the second octave). 80% OFF on annual membership of Ultimate Guitar Pro Try Now. There are three ways to learn scales on the guitar: Notes, Intervals, and Patterns. 15. Scales you can use in the real world, created by a human guitarist. Add to playlist. Welcome Offer: 80% OFF on annual membership of Ultimate Guitar Pro Try Now In this free ultimate guide you will learn: 2 quick and easy tips that will make you learn scales at … Favorite. View Tab on Fretboard View and Playback Chords in Tab. 8 chord voicings, charts and sounds. Open Position Major Scale TAB. A Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar TAB, Notation, Fretboard Pattern & Lesson With its clean, folky sound, the major pentatonic scale is a common scale in folk, blues, country and pop music. B Flat Scale tab by Lessons - Scales. Scales page; Major blues scale; Minor blues scale; Ab minor blues scale Use the following TABs to play major scales in open position (suggested fingering is provided next to each note). More Versions. As you can see, the only accidentals are Bb and Eb. A Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar TAB, Notation, Fretboard Pattern & Lesson. The scale can be played on the guitar from different starting positions in which Ab functions as the root tone. 1st Position (lowest fret is 1) 3rd Position (lowest fret is 3) 5th Position (lowest fret is 5) 8th Position (lowest fret is 8) 10th Position (lowest fret is 10) Further Reading. This is the B-flat major scale, with Bb at its root and another Bb, an octave higher, at its zenith. Sign up Log in. {"title":"a flat major scale","strings":[[[".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",1,3,"|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|"],[".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",1,2,4,".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",6,8,9,"|"],[".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",1,3,".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",5,6,8,".",".",".","|"],[".",".",".",".",".",3,5,6,"|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",6,8,".",".",".",".",".",".","|"],[".",".",3,4,6,".",".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|"],[4,6,".",".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".","|",".",".",".",".",".",".",".",".


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