Why would anyone have a problem with students learning a valuable skill? Here is why we need to change our argument for … So it was with some relief that I read the article "Should We Really Try to Teach Everyone to Code?" This paper investigates arguments for and against ‘coding in the curriculum’. Posted on June 24, 2016 June 25, 2016 by edtech133 When speaking of technology, coding is inputting special language into a the machine in order to get a desired response from the machine. That is beyond me. As well as meet the criterion from the rubric: Criterion Exceeds Met Needs… What are the compelling arguments both for and against computer coding in schools? Week 6: Compelling arguments both for and against computer coding in schools When I hear “coding” it brings back some painful childhood memories of 5th grade computer class for me. The thing is, these arguments miss the point. by Gottfried Sehringer.… My understanding of computers at that time, was as a way to play games or word process. The arguments for coding being taught in school are based on critical thinking and problem solving, which is what we want for all students. This week’s activities will help you to meet the following Course Objective: To demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to discover, analyze and evaluate the use of emerging technologies for education. They should be an important element in any well-rounded education. Personally, I do not know much about coding. So, going back to the essential question, the arguments against teaching kids to code revolve around dated thinking or around the idea that coding should not be the end goal. The importance of art education does not lie in its ability to raise test scores. There are arguments against coding in schools? This was my initial reaction to this weeks essential question? I guess I was a bit surprised to read that there were arguments against coding in school because I feel that coding is knowledge and that makes it relevant. No sensible person thinks that teaching coding in the classroom will produce master programmers, any more than teaching music in the school curriculum will produce master musicians. Coding at primary level My main argument was that when it comes to coding, in a very similar manner, I don’t think it’s important to teach children how to code. whether coding should be a central element of school education. The arts are valuable. I tried to take a college coding course in 2000, but I got frustrated and confused, so I… Essential question: What are the compelling arguments both for and against computer coding in schools?


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