Chooks are 7 days old for $10 each. Turkey females I also have fertile Muscovy eggs $15 a dozen Young geese for sale. 1-3pm, GOSLING / GEESE / CHICKS FOR SALE - FERTILE EGGS AVAILABLE, FERTILE EGGS AVAILABLE: AUSTRALORP - $50 PER DOZEN ISA BROWN $35 PER DOZEN SILKIE - $60 PER DOZEN incorporating live food – worms grubs etc into their diet Mealworms is one of those foods Nature intended for pet rats Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Capacity: 112 Chicken Duck Eggs, hold more for smaller size eggs Suitable for almost all kind of eggs: chickens, ducks, geese, birds, etc Temperature and humidity alarm Intelligent integrated circuit control Less noise and lower energy consumption Built-in water channels to control humidity levels Built-in fan ventilating system LED display shows temperature, humidity, hatching day an. Muscovy ducks and drake males and females available Have been given the names Penny ,Gussina and Moose ,Pick up is in Mount Tarampa, 2 wk old geese $40 Unsure which is male or female.No messages, call if you are interested. Chicken Duck and Goose Quail Thermostat for Incubator PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EGGS WILL BE PACKED IN EGGSPRESS SAFE PACKAGING AND DELIVERED AS EXPRESS POST WITH TRACKING DETAILS _______________________ CHEAP!!! Babies still available - baby gosling geese, Baby pilgrim goslings - regularly handled and super friendly, Wanted: Saturday 14th Sunday 15th west south central and east Gippsland, Buying roosters and all types of poultry ducks geese turkeys Have been free rangeing and eating grain. Due to personal reasons mealworms will NOT be available till after Christmas sorry:::::::::::::::: We have your feed needs for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, camels, donkeys, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cats, dogs, unicorn. Baby geese $35 (one left) Ducks 4wks old $8 Sunday 15th November Light sussex Have more chicken, geese and peacock eggs on the way. and pet mice to eat because of their high protein and nutrient 2 males and 3 females. -one proven breeding pair, male "Sulo" 3 yrs and female "Alma" 2 yrs. Pigeons from $6 Large discount for full family sold together ($150). Have had two clutches so far succesffully. Indian runner ducks 35 Proven breeders and layers, have had first season of eggs. Sort by: Search alert. We found 21 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Unsexed $10 each Younger Batman cross frizzle chicks $5 each Week old Pilgrim goslings $25 each White Pilgrim Gander $25 easy going nature. All will be hand reared. The price is including freight for some of area, please provide post code to confirm freig, Wanted: Welcome to new home for unwanted poultry, Large area with 2 huge pond Saturday 14th November Chickens game hens $25 Geese Thank you, GEESE: for sale Pilgrim/Settler breed, Breeding pair and 5 youngsters, Pilgrim?Settler geese (with this breed you can tell apart males and females easily by their colour): Maximen For Duck 213, Goose 160, Quail 800 Unsure of age. Indian runner drake √Use with family, laboratory or small farm, suitable for hatching chickens, ducks, geese, bird eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs and other poultry! $25 each or $100 for all 5 Please call or txt on, 112 Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Digital Led Turning Chicken, These are BRAND NEW and are only $395 which includes FREE delivery. CHICKS AVAILABLE ( 4 UP TO 12 WEEKS): AUSTRALORP - $30 ISA BROWN $30 SILKIE UNSEXED - $35 SILKIE PULLET - $70 SILK, 2 Geese’s and 2 turkey’s FOR SALE $50 each, 2 Geese animals for sale 2 turkey animal for sale


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