Body by Science strives to prescribe a work-out routine that takes proper advantage of physiological knowledge to promote fitness, defined as the ability to take part in non-sedentary activities. Thoraxin:Exhibited, Benefits, Price & Side Effect..., Burned Out? Caused huge reversal in thinking in a domain I considered myself knowledgeable. Because of these factors, this knowledge is not commonly understood in combination, and despite the advanced state of our science, Americans are unhealthier than ever before. I have two children under the age of 3 and I aim to get to the gym twice a week, but the reality is that I get to the gym once a week, most of the time. While short and hard "to-failure" workouts seem fine according to the theory, I'm doubtful that I could build up the overall strength that a system like Starting Strength has given me. Slaving away on a treadmill? by McGraw-Hill. By way of comparison, I’d say that BBS might be considered the “Good Calories, Bad Calories” of fitness tomes. This book makes quite a few claims that contradict almost every book on the same subject. I found this book while researching ways to get into shape without needing to spend a lot of time doing it. It is a book that gets technical yet, you don't need to understand the details on the first read, you only need to get the intuition, once you have the intuition you will understand why this is somethi. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. BY FAR the best single book for getting on the right path toward exercise. This book is changing my life....Seriously, Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2018. I have highlighted many sections from the book for later reference, and fortunately, Dr. McGuff has also remained active with his seminars, being a guests on podcasts, and making many videos available on YouTube. Such statements of "you ought to take up swimming, because you want long, lean muscles, not big, bulky muscles." Five Stars out of Five. The book didn't stop there though it explained to me a lot of other information that got me thinking about how I already exercise. I personally have searched high in low for a lot of information that is present in this book and ending mostly looking at studies and trials on exercise. It's kind of insane how much misinformation there is out there on healthy research programs, but here it is, the end all be all. They also quote large improvements from new recruits (I don't have the book to hand, but it was in the order of "50% improvement over 12 weeks! In the process of their research, they discovered that there weren't a lot of defined operational terms in the health industry to measure anything by to even begin creating a database of this information. ", which sounded great, but in reality for someone with no current strength is actually not all that impressive). A word of warning though - although the exercise sessions are short and infrequent, you will need to have quite a bit of mental tenacity to make this regime work. Good for females, males, athletes, seniors alike. Let me say up front that I am 70 years old, and over the last fifty years, I have tried just about every "new" exercise routine to slide down the pop-fitness chute. I'm 63 years old and have beaten myself up physically as a martial artist since I was 8 years old. McGuff is an Emergency physician with an avocation for fitness and John Little is a professional fitness trainer. The two books have probably saved my life. I followed the book's recommendations and I saw improvement in both strength and muscle tone in one week. In other words, the genetic cream rises to the top through the selective pressure of competition. Searching for the pill of anti-aging? It was my exercise book for when I'm too tired to read much else. ", which sounded g. I found the science in this to be credible (not having the background of the authors, I can't debate it), but I was not so taken with the implementation. Body by Science is subtitled “A research-based program for strength training, body-building and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.” The authors cite empirical studies relating workout regimens and formulate a specific routine to most efficiently build muscle while burning f Five Stars out of Five. STOP. Part 1 of this review will concentrate on my overall impression(s) of Body by Science, by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little. First thing to consider is intensity, which is the main focus of the book, the higher the intensity the better. In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for maximizing muscle development in just 12 minutes a week. Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2017. I am also down 10lbs of weight and probably a lot more in fat. One more to my Golden library! Eye opener.Great book in the area of fitness and health.Must read for all. If you are short of time but want to maintain good muscle mass into your later years without injury, then this will show you how. Doug McGuff is an emergency physician motivated in large part by seeing the end consequences of our collective poor health in his ER and utilized his scientific training to attempt to identify a solution. i can not read this book do i have to purchase ? I can't do the whole book justice in a quick post, but in a nutshell it recommends doing a single set of 3-5 exercises slowly, with high intensity, and to failure once per week. Here is my lengthy review: An interesting book. The idea is (1) to break down the muscles to a significant extent and then (2) to give the body an adequate tim. Dave Asprey referred to 'Body by Science' in his 'Headstrong' book. I found the science in this to be credible (not having the background of the authors, I can't debate it), but I was not so taken with the implementation. That’s where it’s at! I'm so happy that I found this book and it has had a profoundly positive affect on my life. But, this is not just someone making what seems on the surface to be wild claims. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. They also quote large improvements from new recruits (I don't have the book to hand, but it was in the order of "50% improvement over 12 weeks! It's also possible, the rather unlikely, that this book is correct and the other books are just wrong. Not against "'cardio' exercises" as some think, rather the authors explain (very well, and repeatedly) that taking each rep to its extreme forces one to use deeper, fast twitch muscle fibers which is in turn much more productive to your cardiovascular system. And you probably have, too. Body by Science review I was prompted to get Body by Science after following author Doug McGuff's comments on the Theory to Practice blog . There was a dire need for a research based diet and fitness book to come along, and even if you don’t find yourself using the exercise program they recommend, it’s still worth the time it takes to read it so you can dispel some rumors and have a clear head about how to strategically go about getting fit. Advocates high intensity, low frequency exercising. Recommended to people with open mind for weight lifting and recovery. There is one. I tell people this is like doing Taijiquan with weights. Hmm. This guy, Dr. Doug McGuff, at least from a layman's perspective, has his ducks in a row. This page works best with JavaScript. I have been exercising this way for several months now and am seeing excellent results.


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