Upright Bass pickups were ... to gigs and found that they need to mic the bass unexpectedly. Mic Placement is more important than other instruments because of the size and frequencies of the instrument. In the list you will see the offers of upright bass with discounts from 10% and multiple sales with excellent quality/price match to buy the article you like … They are small and lightweight but durable and can hold up for the working musician. The overtones and the fine details of the double bass also require the microphone to handle high frequencies and have a high level of accuracy as well. For this reason, close-miking requires a dependable mounting solution. Move side-to-side to balance individual string volumes or to fight boomy resonance. If you have a Ribbon mic in your arsenal than try each one. The Acoustic Upright Bass is one of the hardest instruments to mic for a number of reasons. Good mic technique is critical to capture this subtle and beautiful instrument. The old ... okay, I admit it, sometimes I'm cheap). Start to move the mic in and out widening and closing the space between the two that will give you the best blend of definition and body. Adjust the mic placement moving closer to the bridge. They have their advantages. Finding and placing the microphone in the instrument’s sweet spot – or your preferred location can be a challenge especially that is the size of an Upright Bass. For example, if your lower mic is 8 inches away from the bass, then the upper microphone needs to be at least 24 inches above it. Move it away and you can add some space and room. Its a perfect way of dialing in an acoustic instrument like the Upright Bass. For Live playing this type of Close Miking makes complete sense and in my opinion is a solid way to go. Upright Bass Mics and Gear Discussed in this Video: David Gage String Instrumentsdavidgage.com, Applied Microphone Technology, Inc.appliedmicrophone.com, Accugroove Speaker Cabinets & Amplifiersaccugroovellc.com, Radial Engineering                                           radialeng.com. The distance between the two microphones should be at least 3 times the distance from the sound source. For recording in a live setting and miking up to the PA with the band this guy rules. How to Mic a Stand Up Bass for Live Performance. Just like an Acoustic Guitar place of the mic to close to f-hole or even too close at all will muddy up the sound like miking too close to the soundhole on an acoustic guitar. Upright Bass Mics… For this issue, I sat down with Raul Amador to talk about upright bass mic options and how to get the best sound to your amplifier or sound system. The Acoustic Upright Bass is one of the hardest instruments to mic for a number of reasons. Make sure the main lobe of a cardioid mic in a direction, and that’s largely the sound it will feature. This way, all the different elements of the sound are naturally blended. The two combined can be really beautiful: simply fold in the high mic to taste. Remember Microphone Place is the most important factor more than the microphone. To mic the Bass properly we need to find a sweet spot that is somewhere in between. Not for recording but everything else. It fits over or under the strings and can be adjusted to reach across two to four or even between two strings due to its flexible design. With Rock styles and Pop styles, the Bass is involved in a different context and job that it’s’s doing rather than in Jazz where it’s more a stand-alone instrument focused in a different way. Ideal for studio as well as live performances, the Shure Beta is a workhorse that does not disappoint. The good things about Omni-Directional microphones are that they are different than how Directional mics will exhibit proximity effect the buildup of additional low end as a mic moves closer to the sound source. This type of clip-on mic is made to be used for live playing with the band but the advantage is for the recording Live Setting when the playing on a full stage and up close to the drummer when its almost impossible to avoiding bleeding from other band members.


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