To Trap an Element, the Trap must be placed prior to the foe casting it. Consumables are the equivalent of items. By using Elements, the Field Effect is altered. However, enemies can take advantage of them too, so watch out! Elements with a (T) are Trap Elements, and those with a * are Summon Elements. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For example, a 3/1 Element can be put into levels 2, 3, or 4. In Chrono Cross there are, to my knowledge, 124 different Elements (not including techniques). This is the only example of elemental weaknesses in the game. On one of his travels, he met a mysterious old troll (probably Sprigg) who gave him a berry. For a list of Enemy Techs reference this: Enemy Techs. 3. The Shaker Brothers demonstrate Trap-use on Mount Pyre. For instance, to cast a fourth level Element such as Numble (if it is allocated at level 4), a character must accumulate 4 Element Grid levels. Yellow- The element color associated with Earth and Lightning. Additionally, characters can go over the level of the Element they want to cast. Nikki is the son of Fargo and Zelbess. It is the actions of people in those areas that have an effect on the local Elemental field, called the Field Effect. Elements are all the abilities a Chrono Cross character has other than basic attacks and defending. Each character in the game holds a natural affinity to a particular class of elements, known as Innates. Elements can be special attacks, magic spells, consumable items, or summons. While out on his own, Nikki developed the ambition to become a rock star to express his ideals and dreams. This is advantageous as well as dangerous, since, when the Field is entirely one color, Techs and Elements of that color receive large damage multipliers. Every character and enemy has an Element Grid into which they can allocate Elements. There are "Turn" Elements in the game that add an extra innate to targets and be used to your advantage. In Chrono Cross, the word Element has a totally other meaning, but the concept of “elemental damage” still exists in the form of colors. White is weak to Black; Red is weak to Blue; Green is weak to Yellow and vice versa. Soon, he is fighting a war to keep each world alive and find out why he is involved. Unlike characters, however, they share Techs with many other enemies across the El Nido Sea. Summons are rare Elements that call forth beings of incredible power. Elements are a gameplay concept from Chrono Cross that replace Techs and Items from Chrono Trigger. The allocation level indicates what level of the grid the Element is intended for. 4. Some can even combined with other characters egg moves for "Super" moves. In every battle, there will be a field effect meter at the upper left corner of the screen, which fills with colors similar to that of the elements being used throughout the course of a battle. Each race has its own elemental weaknesses and resistances. The Shaker Brothers provide a demonstration of Traps when encountered in Mount Pyre. Trap Elements are indicated by a downward arrow (↓) adjacent to the Element name in which they trap. Being the world itself, it is innately ALL Elemental colors. Lynx is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross. The local Elemental field also has an effect on characters, empowering them if the local field color is partly or fully their innate color, and de-powering them if its is opposite. See the last part of the walkthrough for hints on how to pull this off. See Miscellaneous Info for details on these types of Elements, as well as Consumables. Harle though, is not required to be in your party when you face the Time Devourer, as you will get the same ending either way. Animated Violence, Violence, Mild Language, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. However, disaster struck around 1011 A.D., when the falling out between Viper and Fargo occurred and caused the death of his mother and his own separation from the family. In order to cast an Element, a character must attack an opponent with either a weak, an average, or a strong attack. You automatically recruit him when your character is forced to switch bodies with Lynx at the end of Another World’s Fort Dragonia. 2. Completely changing the local field effect color (so that all three levels are the same color) unlocks more powerful Elements such as summons. By putting an element into a lower level than its allocation level, it is de-powered and will not be as effective. Every point in the world also has an Element color. You gain these levels only from boss battles. To this day, Sewart receives hate mail from fans. 5. To do so, the character could use four Weak attacks, 2 Average attacks , or 1 Weak attack and one Strong attack. Chrono Cross, the sequel to the RPG favorite Chrono Trigger, begins when a young man named Serge realizes that he can travel between dimensions. The offset indicates how many levels above or below the allocation level the Element can be set in the Element grid. Applying these elements to your attacks and defense makes a number of battles considerably easier. Black - The element color associated with Shadowand Space. Specific Elements, called Tech Skills, are exclusive to individual characters and always match their Innate color, with the exclusion of Pip, who evolves into different creatures and thus changes innates, and Sprigg, whose Tech Skill Doppelgang allows her to transform into creatures with different innate elements. White - The element color associated with Lightand Life. As Elements are used, their innate colors are "pushed down" in the Elemental field until they are pushed out altogether. This has the same effect on the Elemental field as any other Element. Red - The element color associated with Fireand Lava. To get this, you have to use the Chrono Cross in the final battle, after using Elements in this order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White. As previously stated, Elements are the magic spells in Chrono Cross, and apart from the most basic rules in usage, there are other things that must be taken into account when playing with elements. Everything and everyone in existence has an Element color. Should the foe be defeated before casting the desired Element, the Trap is lost. When your inventory runs out, you can no longer use consumables in combat. Chrono Cross' other huge weakness that almost nobody talks about is that due to the color-based combat system, NONE of my friends who are colorblind can play the damn game. They target either one or all enemies / allies. Green- The element color associated with Air and Nature. Simply using Elements changes the primary color of the local Elemental field. If you like Chrono Cross, then also try my other mod Swallow in Skyrim [size=+2]Description[/size] Each element has an oposite element, the elements are represented by collors to make easier to play. 8.8: EGM's Greg Sewart gave Chrono Cross a 9.5 in a review that scored two 10s (out of three reviewers), denying it a Platinum Award (if the game receives a perfect 10 from all reviewers). Having long practiced the art of entertainment magic, Sneff began his career by traveling far and wide throughout the world.


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