Salary: $60,320 Education: Bachelor’s Growth: 8%. “Organizational Development Specialist Salaries.” Accessed July 19, 2020. To learn more, visit her website - They plan and carry out programs to educate the public about ways to prevent, treat, or limit the impact of diseases and health problems. Cultural anthropology careers are focused on studying humans and their behavior. Glassdoor. What Major Is Needed to Become an Archaeologist? If you do not know a foreign language but are interested in international cultures, you might also consider a job teaching abroad. Search and apply for the latest Cultural anthropology jobs. If you are fascinated by different cultures, past and present, and are intrigued by how they impact relationships, work roles, gender roles, and social institutions, then you should consider an anthropology major as a possible foundation for your career. Competitive salary. HR representatives tap the problem-solving and interpersonal skills of the anthropology major to resolve issues among employees, and between employers and employees. They will often spend years living with the specific population of people they are studying, sharing daily experiences, celebrating their rituals and more. [JL10]Glassdoor. As the economy continues on its international path, experienced cultural anthropologists will have the opportunity to help international businesses make appropriate decisions, as well as help them understand other cultures and styles of communication. Organizational development specialists use the anthropology major's interviewing skills to gather information from staff about roles and processes. Human resources (HR) representatives help to define the roles of employees and the makeup of the workforce at organizations. 509 cultural anthropology jobs available. Anthropology training will enable them to study the customs and norms of their service area in order to carry out diplomatic activity discretely and effectively. Administrators at international nonprofit organizations can harness the problem-solving skills of the anthropology major as they devise solutions to issues like famine, disease, drought, and poverty. If you are interested in becoming an attorney, you will first have to go to graduate school and receive a law degree. Anthropology majors also hone writing skills while recording ethnographies, writing field notes, composing essays, and researching theses. Job email alerts. Anthropology majors gather information through observation of groups within foreign cultures or domestic subcultures. These administrators need to design and carry out initiatives with an understanding of the cultural contexts in the countries where they operate. Salary: Glassdoor reports that public health specialists earn an average annual salary of $50,900.. “Interpreter/Translator Salaries.” Accessed July 19, 2020. Salary: $60,320 Education: Bachelor’s Growth: 8%. Often, job postings won’t specifically call for a cultural anthropologist so they can appeal to as many candidates as possible, but your training and perspective can make you stand out to potential employees. Start your new career right now! The most common new jobs can be found at anthropology labs and museums. An anthropology major will provide you with diverse skills that you can apply to many different types of jobs, in institutions ranging from public health to law to education. “Average Media Planner Salary.” Accessed July 19, 2020. “Average Foreign Service Officer Salary.” Accessed July 14, 2020. Cultural anthropology careers allow anthropologists to focus on specific cultural practices, such as a group's economic system, marriage rituals, holiday celebrations, traditional songs or even language. As a member of the community, they will do surveys, collect oral histories and myths, interview people and record their observations.


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