Black Walnut Live Edge Slabs. Each potential piece of wood comes with natural barriers to certain cuts that are embedded within the tree itself. This means that you can not only order the exact Live Edge slab you want, but you can also hire us to finish the piece for you. Sitewide 40% off Black Friday Deals + Free Shipping*, |          3 day sales event - ends friday          |, extra 5% off Super Hot Deals!! That’s right, we complete that job with essentially zero gap. Live edge slabs maintain the natural beauty of a tree by preserving its unique composition and appearance. Have a friend who recently purchased a home and you are in search of the perfect house warming gift? If you are looking for the perfect artistic statement to round out the wall space you have in your office or front entryway, lend a creative eye to our Live Edge wood and see what you can imagine. Berkshire Products specializes in large live edge wood slabs that are perfect for table tops, conference tables, and your special project. What better way to motivate yourself than a work space that has a desk you actually want to sit at! Many of our slabs come from locally harvested urban logs that were removed from homes, streets, or industrial areas needing space. Our team at The Lumber Shack selects the wood we use for Live Edge slabs with the environment in mind. © 2020. Our Live Edge slabs make the perfect backdrop for any of your taxidermy mounts. Use it to create a bench with a rustic look that you can be proud of. Born of hard work and dedication to excellence, our experienced team of professionals pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations every time. Previous Next. We have been proudly satisfying customers across the nation with superior, Limitations of Buying Live Edge Slabs Online, We understand the inherent limitations of a virtual shopping experience for, If you have limited experience working with. Check out our inventory today for the best Live Edge slab selection in the market. River tables draw all kinds of attention from anyone who walks into the room. The beautifully inspired integration of wood and glass along with color or rocks helps you feel close to nature. When you walk into a room that has a unique piece of artwork it makes a lasting impression. Steel fabrication and welding specializing in architectural elements for commercial & residential clients. No more driving for miles to a specialty showroom, wasting time and burning money in gas. We are The Lumber Shack, a family owned and operated online Live Edge slab supplier based in Iowa. Or maybe you are ready to create one for yourself? We have a time-tested quality assurance process that includes selling exclusively kiln dried, heat sterilized Live Edge slabs that are closely scrutinized to be sure there are no discrepancies between what they look like and how we describe each piece on our virtual listing. Our Live Edge slabs are sure to make quite an impression while you are entertaining guests and serving your family. There is nothing quite like the natural character you will find in our strategically cut Live Edge slabs. Each Live Edge slab that is available to view online is carefully prepared for storage and categorized in our pristine warehouse within numbered slots inside bins, much like a library. Black Walnut slab with some ingrained curve and wave. Custom Live edge slab dining room tables, counter tops, dining chairs and much more. When you are tired of seeing showrooms with the same kind of vanities over and over again, come to The Lumber Shack and select a Live Edge slab to create something completely original. Whether it’s for holding up a lamp or creating space for you to keep your remote control, favorite beverage or latest novel, an end table should be built for both form and function. Are you proud of that huge Elk you were able to snag during the last Elk hunting season? You will notice that the piece we deliver to you in the mail will look exactly like the image you selected from our online inventory. Live Edge Wood. Custom live edge Black Walnut live edge slab wet bar counter top. This means that we take the time to photograph each board in detail, to make it as if you are holding that piece of wood in your hands. Our cutters know how to work with the tree in order to get the most character out of each type of wood. Tree removal is a growing dilemma for most municipalities across the U.S. Whenever a board is purchased by a customer online it is removed from our online inventory within minutes so that you can be assured that any piece of wood slab that you order is in stock, ready to be shipped to your front door. Not only will you create a beautiful piece of hand-crafted woodwork for your desktop, but you will also increase your productivity by arranging a space where you can focus on getting work done. We have been proudly satisfying customers across the nation with superior Live Edge wood products for more than 13 years. This means that you can confidently shop from the comfort of your own home for any Live Edge slab that catches your eye. We understand the inherent limitations of a virtual shopping experience for Live Edge slabs which is why we work hard to make our live inventory images as real to life as possible. Our, Solid Wood Table Tops / Custom Live Edge Tables. Email us at, We are The Lumber Shack, a family owned and operated online Live Edge slab supplier based in Iowa. Or maybe you were able to capture a large, colorful fish that you want to add to your trophy wall? You are purchasing an exact piece that is numbered and carefully cataloged for optimal storage and delivery purposes. Our Live Edge wood is created for stability, durability and beauty. You can now sit right at home and get access to our available slabs. If you are tired of needing to constantly replace cheaply made dressers because your kids break the drawers, now is the time to remedy the problem. You finally invested in a new mattress and now you need just the right headboard and footboard to frame it with style.


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