The most important function is also the reductionRisk of a heart attack. Regular use of folic acid before pregnancy and in the early stages during the first trimester reduces the risk of birth defects, mainly this refers to neural tube defects. Eating hazelnuts will help your babies development. It helps to prevent megaloblastic anemia and neural defects in babies. I would definitely recommend the nuts on this. Folate is highly beneficial for pregnant women. In fact, they are! Therefore, the daily menu of the future mother should include a variety of foods that provide full nutrition. Must consume vegetables and fruits. The mother has already taken the necessary omega from the hazelnut. Hazelnuts boost metabolism when consumed and this helps in losing weight. And also it strengthens the blood vessels and prevents the premature destruction of red blood cells. Hazels nuts are good and safe during pregnancy except if you are alergic to them. An increase in metabolism means an increase in the rate at which calories are burned and transformed into energy. The fact that pregnant women should takeFolic acid seems to be known to every woman who is expecting a baby. The recommended daily dose is about 0.7 mg, as in 100 g of hazelnut. Deficiency causes irritability, weakness of skeletal muscles, attention deficit disorder, skin hyperkeratosis, blurred vision, anemia, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The mother gets the necessary omega from the hazelnut. Due to its high nutritional value and useful properties, this product is recommended to include in the diet people with diabetes, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, as well as children and the elderly. Proper nutrition during pregnancy, the role of nuts in the diet of pregnant women. Good for Colored Hair: Hazelnuts are used as a natural ingredient in various coloring agents. Manganese superoxide dismutase—one of the antioxidant enzymes found in hazelnuts—helps decrease oxidative stress and may help reduce your risk of developing cancer. I am glad to share my passion with you thank you. It should also consume meat and dairy products in the same way. Your e-mail will not be published. Its excess is harmful during pregnancy, excessive doses can cause abnormal fetal development. Vitamin B6 Minimizes the risk of DNA structure damageAnd disorders of proper placental vascularization. For this reason, mothers should have a screening test for pregnancy and find out if this is the case. Their children developed better memories, higher levels of attention and more thinking skills. However, another study found the change in inflammatory markers after eating hazelnuts to be insignificant. The first three months are when the mother gets used to pregnancy and sometimes problems can arise. Pointing out that some health problems such as bleeding and danger of miscarriage may occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, Demirel pointed out that as a result of this, the mother may be exposed to intervention. Hazelnut is a source of vitamins (thiamine,Niacin, riboflavin, folic acid), which support the nervous system, regulate energy metabolism, positively affect the condition of the skin, hair and nails. 5.2K views View 1 Upvoter Its concentration in the blood of the child is 2-5 times higher than in the mother's blood. The mother should take enough protein and vitamins during this process. It should also be noted that vitamin E together with folic acid prevents damage to the nervous system and developmental defects of the unborn child. Hazelnut is one of the most valuable nuts, itHas many useful properties for health promotion. Nuts have a positive effect on the brain and eyes, as well as on the nervous system due to the presence of beneficial fats, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Benefits Of Hazelnut to Cardiovascular Health. 70+ Budget Friendly-Healthy Dinner Recipes, First 3 months of pregnancy is very important, Practical ways to strengthen your immune system, 10 Great Nutrients to Accelerate Metabolism. Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy are very valuable for both mother and baby. The delicious and crunchy walnuts also contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for a pregnant woman. It is important to take in sufficient quantities in the third trimester, at a time when the child's eyes are developing, it will have a positive effect on the normal development of vision.


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