Groundnut oil is one of the most widely used cooking oils that has lots of goodness apart from its taste. Groundnut out is loaded with natural antioxidants that can protect the body from the harmful effects of the toxin radicals. Generally, people use peanut oil in their cooking for the interesting flavor that it can give to the food, particularly if you use the roasted variety, as well as the fact that it is healthier than many other types of oil. Learn how your comment data is processed. Its calorie value comes from fatty acids. Not do we ensure that the oil preparation method is environment friendly, but also ensure that the residue of the groundnuts is used as fodder for cows. Factory – #29, Gst Road, Ayyanar Nagar, Maduranthakam, 603306. Its shelf may be extended for more than 12 months with the addition of antioxidants like vitamin E. Peanut oil is another healthy source of edible cooking oil like soy or olive oils. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer, boosts cognitive function, strengthens the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. The oil is naturally unrefined, and clarified. This is the purest form of groundnut oil that retains all the health benefits of the oil. However, refining makes it virtually devoid of impurities and allergens. Peanut oil is available in the markets year around. Characteristics. Groundnut oil that is extracted using traditional cold pressed methods is highly nutritious and healthy with all the health benefits intact. During the process, groundnuts are refined, bleached and deodorized. So best suited for Indian style cooking and deep frying. We put our care, quality and passion into creating our extra virgin cold pressed oil. During the process, groundnuts are refined, bleached and deodorized. Whether you want to make a flavourful dish of sabzi, daal or meat, you need to have the right cooking oil in the correct proportions. Peanut oil allergy is a type of hypersensitivity response in some people to food substances prepared with using this oil. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid any food preparations that contain peanut products in these individuals. Ground Nuts (Peanuts) grown organically on our farms and then extracted using traditional cold pressed method like in the good olden days to get pure and Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (or Peanut Oil).. Cold pressed retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Email: It has high smoking point. To avoid deoxidization and increase the shelf life, store the oil in dark glass bottle or in stainless container. At Mesmara, we bring your way pure cold pressed groundnut oil to give your health a boost. It is one of the stable cooking oils which has a long shelf life. This keeps nutrients untouched. Research, however, suggests that highly refined peanut oil, which has had all the allergic-proteins and impurities removed, does not cause this hypersensitive-response; even in severely allergic persons. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pure peanut oil is amber yellow and has a sweet nutty flavor. Groundnut / Peanut Cold Pressed Oil / Kadalai Ennai - 100% Pure & Unrefined. The cold pressed Peanut oil extracted will completely retain all the nutrition and other health benefits that would also encourage in collecting the good cholesterol on our human body. We extract the oil, by using ‘Mara Chekku’ (Ghani) which is made of Vagai wood. Peanut oil composes a very good lipid profile. Cold pressed peanut oil has deep yellow color with a pleasant nutty aroma and sweet taste. Just a spoonful of groundnut oil has 11% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E. Studies have revealed that groundnut oil when consumed regularly can prevent cancer. While unbalanced levels of fatty acids can be dangerous for your health, peanut oil has a very safe balan… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kanchipuram District, Phone: 9380017370, Groundnut oil has the power to decrease appetite and hence is supposed to be beneficial in your weight loss journey.


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