The best way to connect the sub is to get a subwoofer with a high level input and then run a set of speaker cables from the output of your receiver or power amplifier to those inputs. All you have to do is connect your powered subwoofer’s line level input (or LFE input if there are two line level inputs) to the T1’s smart subwoofer output using a cable with RCA connectors on both ends. Also, considering that most sub amps are Class D , the signal is going to be converted to PWM (I’ve been paying attention!) We’re delighted you’ve gotten the bug again. I am setting up a vintage system, in which the integrated amplifier (Technics SU-7700) does not feature pre-out or sub-out. Yamaha R-N402 Sound Network Reciever front and back showing Speaker A + Speaker B buttons and Speaker A + Speaker B outputs. Sign In to Reply. Book One, the Lost Chronicle, is a work in progress. A subwoofer with speaker-level inputs is especially easy to connect to your older amplifier or receiver! If the subwoofer has only one set of spring clips, then the subwoofer will have to share the same receiver connections as the speakers. You can view his efforts at In addition an active subs amp’s sonic signature would be overlaid upon the main power amps would it not? If the question involves an immediate need, this is not a good place as Paul won't see them for weeks. One pair for the left main and left sub speaker level input, and one pair for the right front and right sub speaker level inputs. If all you have is one subwoofer, it's easy: feed it from the Subwoofer or LFE (low-frequency effects) output of your preamp or receiver. If the subwoofer has two sets of spring clips (for speaker in and speaker out), then it means that other speakers connect to the subwoofer, which then connects to the receiver to pass along the audio signal. I have had good results with the JL Audio CR-1 crossover in my main system. So aside from the subwoofer itself, you still need to consider some other factors before you do your set up so you can achieve best results. You’re referring to something like the old JBL BX63a crossover that was designed specifically for their B460 passive sub and not a stand alone unit like a DBX or Rane active crossover? It makes a difference and in my experience, more than just a subtle one. The Low Level input is recommended when users do not have access to speaker outputs such as connecting directly to TV or computer. These speaker level outputs can be used to drive a set of passive speakers. You can also subscribe without commenting. HIGH PERFORMANCE HOME AUDIO PRODUCTS If your subwoofer has speaker level inputs built-in you’re in great shape! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I’m running a nice pair of Phase Tech Euro 530s and I’m pretty happy with them. 2. Would it really make that much of a difference to feed the sub with the speaker outputs of the amp instead of a line level from the pre-amp? If so, how should I connect the sub to the M700 using the High Level imputs om the subs. That said, I’d be interested in adding a subwoofer to the mix. Great! Kind Regards Most don’t. The room’s acoustic properties are also to be considered because you will get poor performance if you set up even a high-quality subwoofer in a room with poor acoustic properties. and then processed to “round the square waves”, it seems like any subtle sound signatures of the amp are sure to be lost. (pun intended.) I understand that the speakers will hook up the the left and right outputs respectively. However, it’s not just all about subwoofers. How to Connect a Mono Subwoofer. Step 4: Connect the Speakers It could damage the subs ( Subs today are generally powered so no need to get a passive one and I’d recommend against that. Paul McGowan is the co-founder of PS Audio (The 'P' ) and has been designing, building and enjoying high end audio since 1974. For that matter, if I were to step up into a preamp and a nice 2 channel audiophile amplifier, how would I hook up the sub for that? Nicola. His current big project, other than playing with stereos, is writing a book series called the Carbon Chronicles. Paul explains the best way to go about it and why. How do you connect a subwoofer up if there's no subwoofer output available on your equipment?


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