, This article written by Gerry Hayes and first published at hazeguitars.com, Tagged: repair, tuners, vintage, fender, guitar, bass, diy, headstock, bushing. Next time, I’ll step through some of the steps for the actual tuner replacement and for using these bushings. Guitar tuners will help you tune your guitar to the correct pitch so that it sounds as good as possible. These tuners will leave you with a series of 10.5mm (0.413”) holes in the headstock. Great. These conversion bushings allow you to install vintage tuners on a guitar that’s had modern units. No. It's not that scary. The old tuners are 6-in-line, but not Fender spacing. How to replace modern tuners with vintage-style Part 1, You are signing up for my email newsletter so the understanding that you'll receive emails is pretty explicit. Installing Fender Locking Tuners: 2015 US Standard Stratocaster. If you’re planning on changing out a set of modern tuners, it’ll be much cheaper/easier to budget for a set of these than it will be to plug holes or pay someone to plug holes. These state of the art tuning machines are designed for contemporary Fender® American Standard® and Standard series instruments that utilize 2 location pins on the machine housing. Vintage tuners usually have ¼” (6.35mm) posts and come with bushings that need 11/32” (about 8.75mm) holes in the headstock. http://www.stewmac.com/ Will you need to drill holes in your guitar if you put new tuners on it? Stay tuned. http://www.stewmac.com/ Will you need to drill holes in your guitar if you put new tuners on it? You want to keep the tuners aligned with the strait edge… Modern tuners mean a 10 or 10.5mm hole in the headstock and that’s too big for vintage tuners. How to swap modern sealed tuners for vintage-style units with the aid of conversion bushings. Conversion bushings allow you to easily use your vintage tuners in a modern tuner-hole. How do you figure out which tuners are an easy fit, and which require more work? I’m going to take a look at what’s involved in swapping out a set of newer Fender tuners for ones with a more vintage vibe and I’m going to split this over two parts. Staggered tuners increase the break angle over the nut and improve tuning stability." So, swapping out those 10mm-hole tuners for hardware that expects an 8.75mm hole isn't going to work. To use, simply place drill fixture in hole of headstock for tuning machine line up the straight edge of the fixture to be straight with edge of the headstock or in line with each other. Re: Fender 2 pin tuner template ? However, the construction of their bodies means they require a much bigger hole in the headstock. Quoting Fender: "Set of six locking tuners designed to fit most modern-style Fender electric guitars with dual-pin mounting configuration.Tall post tuners are used for the wound strings and shorter post tuners are used for the plain strings. Ever hear someone say: "I'll do anything else with my guitar but I won't touch the truss rod."? The inside diameter on the bushings is a standard quarter-inch so they are perfect for vintage-style tuners but they’ll fit nicely in a modern tuner hole. Not good. « Reply #6 on: December 21, 2017, 09:21:43 PM » I did see these two a while back - I'm not sure if either of them is suitable (probably not the one for the slanted 70s F tuners… StewMac gets questions, and Erick Coleman has answers.If you have questions, please contact us through our webpage http://www.stewmac.com/email or visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StewMacFor more information on tools and parts:Tuner Bushing Presshttp://www.stewmac.com/0460.html3/8\" Conversion Tuner Bushingshttp://www.stewmac.com/3457.htmlGuitar Tech Screwdriver Sethttp://www.stewmac.com/3000.htmlVintage-style 3-on-Plate Tunershttp://www.stewmac.com/4095.htmlTuner Pin Drill Jighttp://www.stewmac.com/4857.htmlPeghole Reamerhttp://www.stewmac.com/0344.html This lowly Squier Affinity was a very deserving candidate for some fancy-schmancy Gotoh locking tuners. These are drop-in, no … I don't do spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. Tough room. How to Replace Guitar Tuners. Replacing older, (perhaps) less-reliable tuners with new, sealed modern units is a pretty common upgrade. ‘Tuned’…? However, a major difference in design between these two broad tuner camps can make the change from modern to vintage more tricky.


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