I think they are a class above the other uncommons and deserve their own list. There are arguments for both Fiery Temper and Rabid Bite being the best common—Fiery Temper is a better card, but Rabid Bite is in a better color. 190. Frank Karsten always writes an article on his pick orders, and I always like going over his article and seeing where we disagree—reading this sort of article where teams of top players disagree wildly in card evaluations is very interesting to me because it shows that the game is far from solved. Archangel Avacyn (And by "ever ever," I mean at least since I started playing Limited around Shadowmoor.) Forbidden Alchemy. The biggest difference here between my list and the rest of the team’s is Wastevale Abbey. I still worship at the feet of and will buy pizza any time for Mark Rosewater (lead designer) and Erik Lauer (lead developer). Hermit of the Natterknolls Our Pick Order for Shadows over Innistrad . My team and I differed greatly on how we approached gold cards, with me being much more of a “safe drafter” than the rest of the team. Ongoing Investigation is a very powerful card in a very powerful archetype that takes over games, and Lambholt Pacifist is a super efficient blocker that’s very easy to turn into beater—if you play it turn 2 and they don’t have a spell, how can they win? Bound by Moonsilver Another card we disagree about is Flameblade Angel. This will add all the cards from Innistrad to your collection. Flip cards should be used to read signals much more than to send signals, and I will take them heavily into account as I do not want to be fighting the person passing to me. Avacynian Priest. Get a few Spiders, maybe get a few more later if the mana works out? Nahiri, the Harbinger 190. That's how much confidence I had in the card. (Super hint: those are very good in this format.). Westvale Abbey, Breakneck Rider But they moved forward and came to a really good place in terms of gameplay and presentation. You see, transforming a double-faced card to the other side was a way to represent profound change in the game—a transformation. I think Graf Mole is one of the most important cards in one of the best archetypes, and it should be prioritized over a card that is always just solid. Relentless Dead Rattlechains, Graf Mole Then you flashback Spider Spawning, netting even more tokens. I think Shadows over Innistrad is a synergy set and not a power set, so it pays to position yourself in the right strategy, and if that’s blue, that’s blue. W/B. These were the interacts-with-your-graveyard sort. Out of all the great things about Innistrad Draft, a few things stood out to me the most. 4. Even looking at it now, it seems so...meh. Tribes and flavor are sweet, but the thing that really stood out to me from a Limited perspective were the build-around-me uncommons. And with this loop, you can manage to not deck yourself while creating massing throngs of tiny Spiders that will win you the game with a massive attack at some point. If I already have colors, then I will take it lower. These rankings are, for the most part, the ones we agreed on as a team, though there are some spots where they are my personal order. The rest of the team disagrees, and would take a card like Fiery Temper over it p1p1, but I think that is wrong. No problem, just use Runic Repetition to get that back instead! Actually, Modern Horizons and Double Masters are both up there too. The one flashback card that rarely went with Burning Vengeance but instead commanded its own entire archetype was this one: "Travel Preps" was a green-white beatdown deck that leveraged Travel Preparations to pile on a bunch of counters before your opponent could stabilize the board. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You’re attacking with a 4/4 on your turn 3! Bygone Bishop There are very few archetypes I dislike if they are open—black/white and blue/white are the only combinations I actively try to avoid. Geralf’s Masterpiece For big outliers I will make a note. What a massive undertaking for R&D, and with it came a lot of risk. Since I believe there are so many strong uncommons in Shadows over Innistrad, it makes sense to have multiple uncommon/rare rankings so that we’re able to differentiate. Obsessive Skinner The pick order is very malleable, and besides the premium removal ([card]Silent Departure[/card] and [card]Bonds of Faith[/card] being the best, with [card]Claustrophobia[/card] not too far behind), you are just looking to fill out your curve with appropriately-costed fliers. For a set that let you really explore a lot of avenues to victory, Travel Preps seemed to be the most direct one. The crazy part about Innistrad is that everyone was happy. The only deck that I think wants to kill by milling might be Clues, and with that deck you can get Fleeting Memories. Everyone seems to agree that blue is the worst, but I actually don’t hate it as much as my teammates—I’d rather stay flexible and have no qualms about drafting blue if that’s what I believe I should be in. While slots two through five may shift around, numero uno has been the same since it came out: Innistrad. How cool is that? The creature base is usually Humans, and Black contributes two uncommons Humans: Disciple of Griselbrand and Village Cannibals. In 2011, Paulo became the youngest player ever to reach 300 lifetime Pro Points. As such, they present a good line to judge uncommons—they are either better than Fiery Temper/Rabid Bite, or they are worse. (A lot of people call these "flip cards," but that name was already taken by the mechanic from Kamigawa block.). Another big difference is Ever After, a card he has as worse than Byway Courier but that we think is better than Fiery Temper. The biggest big-picture thing that comes to mind is how the overarching themes interacted and how you could draft virtually any kind of deck successfully. Here we see a big deviation from Karsten’s list because he lists some of the uncommons that I consider the most powerful (Heir of Falkenrath and Sinister Concoction) below Fiery Temper. Posted in How to Play Limited When there is a big difference between my ranking and the team’s ranking, I will also make a note. By Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa / May 9, 2016 October 10, 2019. And that brings us to our first mind-blowing thing about Innistrad, which was of course the double-faced cards! Marshall came back to Magic after discovering Limited and never looked back. Pick suggestions and automatic deckbuilding. 5 years ago. Declaration in Stone Usually you end up in blue and green, splashing black. Gryff’s Boon. Even then, I think Karsten has it too high by picking it above the top uncommons. [card]Voiceless Spirit[/card], [card]Moon Heron[/card], [card]Chapel … From Under the Floorboards


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