2 - Summer 2003, The Bridge - Vol. Official chapters at universities across the U.S. Finding and Applying to the Best College Scholarships: A Resource Guide, Getting (And Staying) on the Dean's List: 6 Outstanding Tips, How to Craft An Outstanding Commencement Speech. From networking, to leadership opportunities, to exclusive member trips and content, our society exists to help you achieve even more. 3 - Spring 1981, The Bridge - Vol. What are the key benefits of being a member of Eta Kappa Nu? The inductees were escorted by C. F. Dalziel, Everett M. Strong, and Eric T. B. Outstanding Chapter Award, established in 1932. 3 - Spring 1977, The Bridge - Vol. In Greek, the word is HL E KT P O N. The first, fourth, and last letters form the society name of Eta Kappa Nu which is abbreviated HKN. IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is the honor society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The hand of Jupiter stands for the first chapter Alpha and the ten lightning bolts refer to the original ten founding members. This grade is reserved for “those individuals, who by their technical attainments and contributions to society, have shown themselves to be outstanding leaders in an IEEE-designed field of interest, and great benefactors to society.”  Individuals must be recognized during their lifetimes for the Eminent Member category; deceased individuals may be recognized as Honorary Eminent Members. A restricted endowment was created in the IEEE Foundation to support HKN’s educational, societal, and recognition activities. View on GreatNonprofits. We're here to help!See our FAQs & Contact UsMembership Satisfaction Guarantee. It was not until 1950 that the first Eminent Members were inducted. 100 - No. View on Guidestar. Assisting in the ceremony were A. Distinguished Service Award, established in 1971. As conceived by its founders and as carried forward by its membership during more than two generations, another aim is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better professionals as well as better citizens. Chapters, student members, and alumni are welcome to submit potential content. Seniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper third of their electrical engineering class may be elected. It has expanded its scope through the years and it became an organizational unit within IEEE in 2010 [5] . Minimum scholastic or professional qualifications are defined. These chapters recognize high scholarship through membership and foster a culture of service and volunteerism within their host departments. The first three Eminent Members were inducted by Eta Kappa Nu president Robin Beach. The guiding ideals for membership eligibility of scholarship, character, and attitude have remained unchanged since the early years. 104 - No. The history of the magazine dates back to the first publication of Eta Kappa Nu which was a short booklet entitled The Electric Field. Learn more. 2 - Spring 2010, The Bridge - Vol. Call us: (866) 313-6311. Vault.com career guides, test prep discounts, and Restaurant.com gift certificate valid at 18,000 restaurants nationwide. The ex-officio members are the IEEE Vice-President of Educational Activities and the IEEE-HKN Director. The number of issues per year has varied from one to four. If you're going to be accepted now and are a junior, apply for a scholarship for TBP RIGHT NOW! 1 - Winter 2004, The Bridge - Vol. They were Vannevar Bush, Royal W. Sorensen, and Vladimir K. Zworykin. An online THE BRIDGE magazine is the archival publication for students, alumni members, and others in the profession and industry. The magazine is managed by volunteers, an Editor-in-Chief and an Editorial Board (standing committee of IEEE-HKN), with assistance from the IEEE-HKN Director and other staff. IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), the honor society of IEEE, promotes excellence in the profession and in education with ideals of Scholarship, Character and Attitude. I got invited to my local chapter of Eta Kappa Nu and I was wondering if it was worth Joining. The next chapters were chartered at Purdue University (Beta Chapter), Ohio State University (Gamma Chapter), and Illinois Institute of Technology Delta Chapter). Employers seek out IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu chapters and graduates and generally have a close recruiting relationship with chapters. Members are encouraged to wear pins of either the emblem or the shield. 99 - No. Organized service projects and service learning, Opportunities for professional development, and. I'd say that TBP is worth it. 1 - Winter 2003, The Bridge - Vol. For more than 100 years, HKN has embraced excellence. Most members are inducted as students, but distinguished professionals may be inducted as well. 2 - Spring 2009, The Bridge - Vol. They only accept the top eighth of juniors and fifth of seniors, so if you put it on your resume it shows that you are the top of your class. IEEE-HKN has an annual awards program to honor accomplishment related to the Eta Kappa Nu vision. An induction ritual reviews the history, the three ideals, and the symbols as described here. Recent articles from Honor Society's Elevate Magazine: Finding and Applying to the Best College Scholarships: A Resource GuideGetting (And Staying) on the Dean's List: 6 Outstanding TipsHow to Craft An Outstanding Commencement SpeechView All Articles. This page was last edited on 16 July 2020, at 01:03. The IEEE-HKN BOGs consists of thirteen voting members and two ex-officio members. An account of the event appeared in the March, 1950 issue of THE BRIDGE. IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is the honor society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Chapters often publish “Resume Books” and organize focused recruitment fairs, tech talks, and tours just to get to … Support Honor Society Foundation by shopping on Amazon Smile.Click here to add AmazonSmile. Membership is a lifelong designation for individuals who have distinguished themselves as students or as professionals in electrical … Asad M. Madni Outstanding Technical Achievement and Excellence Award, established 2019. Also, HKN created a membership path for professionals and an Eminent Member recognition for career accomplishments. Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the illustrious 200+ year history of honor societies. IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu is recognized throughout the profession and Eta Kappa Nu members carry with them the distinction of superior scholarship, attitude, and character. Only living individuals may be elevated. The designation of the first chapter at the University of Illinois is the Alpha Chapter. As a result of the 2010 merger, chapters are being chartered internationally and membership eligibility is expanded to IEEE fields of interest. Best-in-class benefits to help you succeed today and tomorrow. IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu chapters are present at education institutions of higher learning across the world. Norman R. Carson Outstanding Electrical Engineering Junior Award, Established 1985 and retired 2006. 74 - No. 83 - No. They are noted for student-led engagement with peers, faculty, and industry through tutoring, maker-space management, networking events, etc. 1 - Autumn 2010, https://ethw.org/w/index.php?title=Eta_Kappa_Nu&oldid=180515. The early history of HKN is described in History of Eta Kappa Nu by Larry Dwon. Typically, these awards are presented annually. Is it worth it? A ceremony is the last step in members’ entry into HKN. 96 - No. Undergraduate candidates shall be selected from those students in the Junior or Senior class who are pursuing courses leading to a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree in electrical engineering. Establish your credit and get rewarded with Honor Society! Alton B. Zerby, Executive Secretary 1934-1958, wrote that the magazine started “as a vehicle of communication between students and alumni.”  It continues to connect students and alumni, as well as to promote the activities and recognition programs of IEEE-HKN and to highlight the development of technology and the profession. 1 - Autumn 2006, The Bridge - Vol. In the years ahead, IEEE-HKN will continue to reinvent itself to meet the needs of its members, the institutions they serve, and society overall. Their vision for the honor association combined collegiate engagement with a professional community to aid student and alumni members and to support the general profession. Dozens of exclusive member benefits tailored to your life. The organization promotes excellence in the profession and in education through an emphasis on scholarship, character, and attitude. I know it is suppose to look good on resume and that it's good for networking if you are active. But is it really worth it?


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