I grew up an atheist in the Bible Belt, so my default assumption is that something's too religious for me. A great time for all women in the Snoqualmie Valley. When I clicked on "get in touch", it took me to a page to enter my … I don't think I'd be comfortable going, especially since it's at a church. I belong to a moms group through my church, but it isn't a national organization. It is about being a mom, the greatest job on earth! I've actively resisted joining MOPS. MOPS International is a Christian organization focused on women and mothers.. MOPS International, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.The organization had its first meeting in February 1973 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, established a board of directors in 1981, and was incorporated under the name MOPS Outreach.The name was later changed to MOPS, Inc. Address. content@mops.org A Division of MOPS International, Inc. 2370 South Trenton Way Denver, CO 80231-3822. Your church can be a great Mom resource. Email The MOPS Blog. A scene is a small group of creators who invent an exciting New Thing—a musical genre, a religious sect, a film animation technique, a political theory. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, but is actually a program designed to meet the needs of mothers of children from birth through kindergarten. But that's another place to look if you're religious, but the church affiliation of your local MOPS … She explained that MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers… perfect, that’s me! Call your local church and ask about MOPS or other moms groups they may have. While local MOPS chapters meet at churches, and the overarching MOPS International organization is a Christian ministry, leaders at the groups emphasize every mom is welcome and meetings are not overtly religious. There is a religious component to MOPS but it is not about religion. A s the woman shared that the group gives moms the opportunity to gather with other moms, share, learn from each other and connect, words like “icebreakers”, “Moms’ Night Out,” and … I looked into MOPS for the first time and all of them are based out of churches. There's a MOPS group in my local area that some neighborhood mothers attend, judging by our Facebook group. Riffing off each other, they produce examples and variants, and share them for mutual enjoyment, generating positive energy. Together we form a tribe of women who will support one another on this journey of raising small children. There are great speakers and oppotunities to meet new moms that are in your same "place" in life. The one near me is very religious, with a pretty evangelical slant.


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