This may make a great dipping sauce for shabu shabu or yaki niku too! The recipe suggests using a minute or flank steak. This is a universal marinade used in Japanese cooking. Bring something a little different to your next barbecue with this easy-to-prepare selection of Japanese marinades. From, this recipe tastes quite authentic! I tried to keep the proportions equal Curried Yogurt Marinade Pork. reviews (0) 0%. JAPANESE STEAK MARINADE (HIROKO) Submitted by erobertson11746 Updated: October 01, 2015. Wipe the excess marinade off the steak, then sear for 3 mins on each side for medium-rare or a few mins longer if you prefer the meat more cooked. I use this all the time and yet until today I never actually measured anything out. Set aside for 1 min to rest. 0/4. Used fresh it’s great for marinating meats or fish and when cooked down, it makes a fabulous teriyaki sauce for grilled things (yaki-mono). I used a high grade marbleized flank steak (Japanese style) and coarse white miso with cooking sake and did not need to add water to make it cover my steak. Be the first to rate and review this recipe Go to reviews. curry powder, small onion, boneless pork chops, nonfat yogurt and 4 more. Pork ribs Bear’s garlic marinade Lolibox. The quintessential Japanese flavours (such as soy sauce, sesame, mirin rice wine and yuzu citrus) will add complex flavours to your succulent steaks… Carve the beef into thick slices and serve with a crunchy salad made with the spinach, cucumber, celery, radish and sesame seeds. The Best Japanese Marinade Recipes on Yummly | Japanese Marinade, Japanese Marinade, ... miso paste, wasabi, superfine sugar, sirloin steaks, mirin, sake. make it again.


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