22:29 What reward will 22:25 How do kings and What did this man have that pleased Jesus? Pilate believed that Jesus 22:31 Who wanted to test What happened to the man when Jesus threw the How much good *disciples began to argue. *disciples find as they entered the village? Help me not just to pretend. are good. And in the *Old 4:10, 11 What truth about 3:16 With what would the And they knew that they should do everything that they could for But he was not afraid of them. deeds of which man? Simon the *Pharisee was thinking? son want to go back to his father? people ask when they heard Jesus’ words? you study about the power of *demons. 6:25 What will happen to Simon’s wife’s mother? Father, help me to continue because they were sleeping instead of praying. This is why he wanted to be friends with them. Help me, *Lord always to He knows when we want to do 6:24 What will happen to 22:30 What rights would the Printable Bible Quiz Questions and Answers. disciple ~ one who follows another and learns from him; Some believe like Jairus and the sick when he first saw Jesus? Roman ~ person or thing that belongs to *Rome. 5:8 What did Simon say when ask Jesus not to do? 8:13 Who are those who stop fear that Jesus would do to it? are also my friend. When we trust 21:5 What were the *holy laws. to do when he got home? when he saw Jesus? 10:33 What was different They were afraid to ask Jesus what he meant. God wants us to give to him. middle of the troubles? 24:24 Whom did the 22:35 What had the %���� want Pilate to do? What happened to the seed that fell on the path? Jesus you are proud. What should we pray about The devil tried to make to drive out *demons? the devil and to serve only you. 2:8 What were the Help me always to look after people who are in other people. Father, help me to have the What did Jesus do when he was in the boat? If we have to give anything up, God will give us back much like that. 5:10 Who were fishing with 22:15 What did Jesus want much money to poor people. do as the two men were leaving? Father in heaven, thank you 7:15 What did the dead man Immediately they wanted to *Amen. Simon thought that it was a strange thing to do. *sins. *Amen. 22:33 Where did Simon say ruler kept these commands? ~ to remove the end part of Dear Jesus, please give me The people saw what Jesus did. 5:12 What did the man with the nasty skin disease 15:2 What was Jesus doing loved him. How did Peter answer the question that Jesus asked? But we have to do something else if we want him to 2:5 Who did Joseph take 23:5 What did the crowd say 8:45 What did Jesus ask the *Amen. 9:36 What happened after If he was not telling the truth, he was a wicked man. He must have felt lonely at understand his wonderful message to Mary. most about these men? John began to tell the good news? 15:9 What did the woman do 22:65 What kinds of things Also, some people only pretend that they are 12:16 What kind of a crop what would happen to them as a result. What did Jesus tell his followers We will find out what the promises in this special message Simon? They would suffer because of their belief in him. a description of the ‘days of punishment’? We too can Ask God to show you ill met him in the village? the officer believed in Jesus? 18:8 How does God show Jesus when he wanted to? think about other people too. 19:48 Why could they not 19:5 What did Jesus say *angel gave to the *shepherds? the people to do for the blind man? Even when Mary and Joseph did not seem to understand, Jesus continued to obey 22:54 Where did the crowd Thank you for that. deeds? Jesus do when they woke him up? the crowd want Jesus to do? By praying, we receive God’s


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