This is not Abe's Merieke Build, but Scott's. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Merieke Ri Berit; Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Merieke Ri Berit #1 Mar 4, 2013. mysticduck. Edit Live Edit. Concede ? Playtest v1. Un EDH avec en capitaine Merieke Ri Berit (à ne pas confondre avec le joueur de foot éponyme) qui donne beaucoup de profondeur à la partie et offre quelques tricks intéressants. mysticduck. Exemples : foudre ou chevalier 2/2 ou Magalie Villeneuve ou humain et gredin, etc. CommanderPlayer. Moderators: BAgate, drool66, stassy, Aswan jaguar, gmzombie, CCGHQ Admins, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 8 guests. He's had the deck for a while and would like for me to take a look at it and then help to primp it up a bit. Autorisation : I’ve been playing Magic on and off for nearly fifteen years, and Commander specifically for the last three. Tri par force Mythique, Tri par pertinence Problem is that Merieke is continuously checking to see whether it's in an untapped state, instead of just at well-defined times like EVENT_STATIC_EFFECTS. Merieke Ri Berit joins the fray later in the game to steal your opponent’s best blocker (or attacker). Quelle légende aurait dû avoir sa carte dans l'édition Commander Légendes ? Her race is in doubt; she is officially noted as a human, but her art depicts her as an elf. STD { 5€ à 10€ Your Merieke … Upvote 0. Edit. PIO Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Tri par coût de mana. Moderators: BAgate, drool66, stassy, Aswan jaguar, gmzombie, CCGHQ Admins. PAU Concede ? If she becomes untapped or leaves the board, she kills the creature she stole- how rude! Tri par nom anglais And he sent me a deck built around Merieke Ri Berit that is too inconsistent at his kitchen table. Haakon’s favorite companion is Knight Exemplar as she makes all her fellow knights indestructible. Little is known about her, save that she was a temptress who used magical powers to ensnare other creatures. Expansion: Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rarity: Special. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Si Merieke est volée par un adversaire, vous perdez immédiatement le contrôle de la (des) créature(s) volée(s) et son trigger de destruction NE se déclenche PAS. Moins de 2€ [fixed/closed]Meireke Ri Berit + Indestructible. Are any other cards possibly affected by this bug ? CMD (Merieke Ri Berit | Art by Heather Hudson) My First Condition. VTG function showImage17665(adresse,lien) Playtest v1. document.getElementById("carte17665").style.display = 'block' ; © 2000 - 2020 La Secte des Magiciens Fous -, Merieke ne se dégagera jamais durant votre étape de dégagement, ce n'est pas un choix. Rulings. LGC Moderators: BAgate, drool66, stassy, Aswan jaguar, gmzombie, CCGHQ Admins. Aujourd'hui, encore un EDH avec un peu de réflexion derrière. [fixed/closed]Meireke Ri Berit + Indestructible, Re: [confirmed]Meireke Ri Berit + Indestructible. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander You can tap her to steal a creature for as long as she stays tapped- and you can choose to LEAVE her tapped, unlike normal creatures. Card Kingdom 1546.63 - 2539.61 . Lastly, the deck packs some one-sided resets (cyclonic rift) and mass removal (black sun’s zenith) to clear the board of blockers before you swoop in for the kill. Commune Quand Merieke est dégagée avec sa capacité de vol sur la pile, la destruction ne se déclenche pas. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Experienced Mage; Join Date: 9/18/2012 Posts: 62 Member Details; Can I use Merieke Ri Berit to take control of more than 1 creature (and keep it alive) by untapping/retapping her (with any of … This includes in the middle of other events, and specifically while it's still trying to figure out whether the card it's about to bury is indestructible. Upvote 0. ... Highlander / Contrôle / Basé sur un thème / Expert, 


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