Its a nuisance to most farmers. My favorites are Hickory and Pecan, Hickory and Oak and Cherry wood with a few minutes of hickory thrown in. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I use oak as a heat source and will mix away with cherryy, hickory, pecan and apple just depends on my mood and what is split already for the smoker. Here in Texas It is everywhere. I cant find pecan or any other woods here other than mesquite and oak. This means it’s also sweet enough to add that desirable zest to other types of fish like trout and tuna. im looking at going to tulse in july for the bbq cookoff there. For a single wood, pecan is my favorite, followed by cherry and apple. KC sure liked that. I guess my question is if you mix these woods together (or any woods for that matter) does it alter the taste in anyway? I recently (April 2020) had a wild cherry tree (18-20 inch base) cut because it was growing at about a 60 degree angle. I like to use it with pork ribs, and it can be mixed with other smoke woods like oak and cherry with fantastic results. To break these down and tenderize them, they need to be exposed to exactly the right kind of smoke. If you’re using wood to heat and flavor, or if you’re just using the wood to flavor then the final taste of the meat is always going to be very dependent on the type of wood used. To get to know the flavor of each wood, I used one type only for each cook. I know, I know I listed two here. Oak I get locally bout 80 bucks a rick, hickory and pecan i buy from Acadamy in chunks. Cherry wood is a team player. And how are you applying them? Right now they have a four for three sale. Skidder. Apple. Rest assured if the wood has not been treated or altered from the tree to your grill, it's safe to use. Just experiment and find the ones you like. In the UDS I have been using about a 50/50 mix of hickory and pecan. Cherry wood adds a delicious, sweet, and fruity, flavor to smoked salmon. The sweet notes of cherry and apple give a fantastic balance to the more grounded smoky aromas of the oak. For example, apple seeds contain the same chemical compound, but eating them won’t have any negative effects. I vary rarely use all one type of wood when I smoke. Can you taste the flavor of the smoke in your meat? Apple wood is another sweet and fruity wood, but has a much more mellow flavor when compared to cherry or pecan. Can I use black cherry wood for smoking meat? 03-26-2013, 05:43 AM. I am not a Salmon fan--but that looks, well, it … I have cut the trunk and large limbs in slices of 4″ to 6″ wide and put them in a dry place. The art of smoking meat is truly dependent on the wood you use. I mix hickory and apple quite a bit - very good flavor! I mix everytime i cook. Any input would be helpfull, I use a mix of oak and pecan all the time. I use peach and apple for pork and hickery and pecan for brisket. Thats all I use. tish . Smoking aficionados have used cherry wood to smoke for years, but if you’re new to the art of smoking you may have hesitations. While a lot of people might put apple as their number one choice for smoked turkey woods, I find that the flavors in apple smoke are so subtle that it can actually take a long time to permeate the turkey meat and infuse it with flavor. I get it from a guy locally. You may not believe us when we say, cherry wood is great for smoking any type of meat, but it's true. What type of smoker/grill do you have? The apple fruit wood can actually be easily used during any type of smoking. It goes well with any kind of meat. At Smoking #MeatGeeks we love to smoke with cherry wood. For example Hickory or apple wood are my favorite. You may find the darkened skin not visually appealing, but rest assured the flavor will be delicious. I got a lot of good information about what woods to use from Paul Kirk's Championship BBQ book. Pecan Wood Pellets. Apple – It is mild and sweet and also requires a lot of time to penetrate into your food which is why I recommend it for longer smoking. What brand are they? I too like to mix fruit woods. I am sure mixing woods during smoking will alter the taste of your ribs but that is a good thing. There is no right or wrong input, as long as you’re engaging, you’re a Meat Geek! The compounds have to burn at a rapid rate for them to have a negative effect. CHERRY: Sweet, mild and very fruity depending on the age of the wood… Woods such as apple have a mellow flavor and won't give you much in a short amount of time, but if you’re cooking for a while, then it has time to add that mellow flavor without overpowering the food. I have some wood from a tart cherry tree I had to chop down in m backyard. You can mix woods to get a wide variety of smokey flavors. I love pecan and it's easy to come by here so that is a staple, it doesn't put out the heat that oak will so I have to add more for heat or supplement with oak or lump.


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