Two A-5 dynamic tom mics … Use it once, and the only thing you'll cherish more than your MXL Cube is the amazingly low price.This microphone … MXL is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post production, and live sound markets. This Mini FET condenser mic from MXL is the latest addition to their REVELATION line, as the more affordable, FET-based little brother to their REVELATION II [Tape Op #138].In this case, more affordable does not indicate less useful. The MXL A-5t Tom Drum Microphone captures every beat from your toms clearly and without low-end distortion. The A-5t has a warmth … Although it might not be the best tom mic … The MXL PA-5K Pro contains 6 drum microphones designed for producing a clean and articulate reproduction of drums and percussion. The quality or durability isn’t impressive, considering the price of this equipment. MXL Microphones offer the best variety of condenser / ribbon / dynamic microphone … The MXL Cube delivers powerfully clear and natural percussion. It's gold-sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm delivers professional sound, and a high SPL rating delivers on loud drums. This all-in-one kit features one A-44 dynamic bass drum mic to capture deep bass and punch while keeping a clean and clear sound for the fast attacks of a kick drum. When it comes to one of the best-budgeted tom mics, the MXL A-5t Dynamic Tom Drum Microphone tends to rank first. The A-5t is a high-SPL cardioid mic with excellent ambient rejection.


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