Blind bake the sweet paste (base) then brush with egg wash Mix together the salt, nutmeg, milk and cream and add into the beaten egg then add the … Pour into a pie crust and fridge until chilled. Perhaps you could try baking this, too. I was too lazy (read: too greedy and hungry) to take the time to bake mine, so I was happy it worked as a no-bake pie! This no-bake pumpkin pie is insanely delicious and perfect for anyone looking for a new and easy twist. This pie gets firmer and firmer, the longer it sits. It's also a problem solver if fussing with pie dough stresses you out, managing oven-space on Thanksgiving day sounds like a chore, or if baking just sounds like too much work. I can’t wait to hear their feedback the calories are pretty amazing too. I made the no bake pumpkin pie recipe I don’t know how to describe it but it was the bomb’ I thought I died and went to heaven it was so easy and it taste so good,this will be my pumpkin pie recipe for life I told every one that likes pumpkin pie to try your recipe. And if I saw both them at the dessert table on Thanksgiving I’d go ahead and have a slice of each. If anyone does, I’d love to hear how it works. I love a no bake pie, one of my favorites being this no-bake chocolate silk pie.I would consider this no-bake pumpkin pie her autumn cousin.


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