[3] These art choices are supposed to imply the different moods he felt while he was painting this piece. Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer was painted in 1653, as a commission from a Sicilian nobleman named Don Antonio Ruffo, who did not request any particular subject. [2] The people in his paintings stare as if they are lost in thought, which makes this his most commonly used theme. In 1969, Julius Held argued that it was Aristotle in the painting by analyzing his facial features, his clothes and the objects he holds. As the audience watches Aristotle as he is deep in thought, they can contemplate along with him. The mysterious tone in the painting has led several scholars to different interpretations of Rembrandt's theme. [2] However, Guercino's piece disappeared for no apparent reason. Cornelis Jansen, born 1585. [6] It has been thought to be Albertus Magnus, Tasso, Ariosto, Virgil and seventeenth-century Dutch poet Pieter Cornelisz Hooft. [5] According to Charles Mee, perhaps Don Antonio did not think it was good enough. [10], The painting forms the central theme of Joseph Heller's 1988 novel Picture This. [3] When Hume died, his descendants sold it to Rodolphe Kann in Paris. [10] Aristole's hand has a warm color when it touches the bust of Homer, which implies a special bond Aristotle feels with Homer. Jacob Cats, Grand Pensionary and poet, 1577-1660. In the early 1660s Rembrandt sent Ruffo companion pictures of Alexander and Homer, which suggests that despite his much later costume the figure must be Aristotle (as he is called in Ruffo papers dated 1662). [6] According to Held, Aristotle is known for his long hair and beard, fancy jewelry and extravagant dresses, which can be seen in other paintings that featured him between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe. For example, his St. Paul in Prison shows St. Paul pondering what he will write in his book, not solely on the book itself. It was created as a commission for Don Antonio Ruffo's collection. Gysbart Voet (Latin, Voetius) 1588-1678, professor of theology at Utrecht. This painting is one of the many religious scenes painted by Rembrandt. After moving from his native home of Leyden, artist Van Rijn Rembrandt made his way to Amsterdam where he masterfully created ‘Philosopher in Meditation’ in the year 1632. In this imaginary portrait of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher rests his hand reflectively on a bust of Homer, the epic poet of an earlier age. In popular culture, his painting The Night Watch.Among painters, his depiction of Light against darkness.And finally, among art-historians he is known for the refusal of adapting to technical rules — especially in his late days. It is generally supposed that Aristotle is contemplating the worth of worldly success as opposed to spiritual values. It was completed in the year 1634 and is also located at Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. It was bought and sold to several collectors until it eventually ended up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 – 1669) was a Dutch artist active in the 17th century, a period known as the Dutch Golden Age. rests his hand pensively on a bust of Homer, the epic poet who had attained literary immortality with … [8] [7] In 1969, Julius Held argued that it was Aristotle in the painting by analyzing his facial features, his clothes and the objects he holds. [3], In 1815, it was sent to Sir Abraham Hume and he lent it to an exhibition at the British Institution in London. In the painting, Aristotle (384-322 BCE), the great Greek philosopher, is depicted standing in his study dressed in the robes of a Renaissance humanist. The ancient and the medieval authors shared an interpretation in the senses, with sight (evoked by Homer's blindness?) [2] During the 1650s, people were in a state of existentialism after science made new discoveries about the universe, so Rembrandt's theme of contemplation was a relatable subject.


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