scattered, Marathi translation of scattered, Marathi meaning of scattered, what is scattered in Marathi dictionary, scattered related Marathi | मराठी words Introduction and Definition of Scattering. scatter: स्कॅटर : More word meaning. menabur verb: scatter: berselerak noun, verb: scattered, clutter, disperse: bertebaran: scattered: Find more words! bertaburan More Malay words for scatter. Find more Tamil words at! Here are 2 possible meanings. Spanish words for scattered include disperso, diseminado, intermitente, dispersados, esparció, esparcidos, disperses, dispersos, esparcida and dispersa. Need to translate "scattered around" to Marathi? Need to translate "विखुरलेला व्यक्ती" (Vikhuralēlā vyaktī) from Marathi? Tamil words for scattered include சிதறு, சிதறலான and சிதறுண்ட. scatter meaning in marathi. How to say scattered in Malay What's the Malay word for scattered? Here's a list of translations. Here's how you say it. If you ask a first-grade student what's in air, the answer will probably be one word: nothing. Find more Marathi words at! shock: धक्का: survives: जिवंत आहे: southern: दक्षिणेकडील: smart: हुशार: size: आकार: same: त्याच: spare: अतिरिक्त: sometime: कधीतरी: seed: बियाणे: sense: अर्थ: shifted: स्थलांतरि Malay Translation. Marathi words for scatter-brained include निष्काळजी and अत्यंत चंचल.


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