The Big Baby's neck is almost identical except for some internal modifications to the neck block. We have all had a pain in our hand at some point in our lives, whether it is from writing with a pencil too much in elementary school, resting the arm in a position that causes the hand or arm to fall asleep, or pain from overuse. Inner Light Ring - size 7.5 Baby/Big Baby guitars continue to use a finger joint. Taylor used a finger joint on NT-neck guitars from about '99 through 2005. In this case, the joints have a larger range of motion than usual. And years of use by many guitar makers small and large have proved its positive acoustic properties as well. Why Your Neck Could Be Causing Your Hand Pain. Taylor Neck Shapes. One of the nicest neck joints ever devised is the one used in the previous generation of Taylor guitars. By Debra Rodzinak. It is simple to implement, inexpensive, strong, and the neck can easily be removed for repair. One of the original Baby's unique features was its neck joint. not darth. If hand pain continues, then an underlying medical condition may be present. The neck might feel like a chore when muscles or joints get strained. Before that they used a one-piece neck, and since 2006 they've used a scarf joint. So why now would they go to the two piece neck? Taylor’s neck heights here include the fingerboard so it’s hard to make comparisons. Reasons. Can strain the muscles around the joint or the joint itself. We know that Taylor has been in business for many years and until recently, used a single piece of stock for their necks. New Neck. Martin Fingerboards are usually 0.225” (5.7mm) thick so you could work it out from that. Cracking your neck a lot can result in a condition known as hypermobility. 177.00. Resetting of the neck is extremely simple with this joint. Standard: There isn’t much taper going on in this neck. There’s less than 1mm between the thickness at the 1st fret and the thickness at the 9 th fret. Finger joints were primarily invented to create a larger surface area for the glue to stick. It also produces excellent lateral support (strength). Its development helped pave the way for Taylor's 'new technology' necks. The acoustic bass series used a very interesting looking finger joint. While the Taylor NT neck joint and other bolted neck joints, look from the outside, identical to a traditional neck joint, complete with the bulky external carved heel, there is another form of ‘bolt-on’ neck (usually the ‘bolts’ are long screws) that closely resembles the neck joint found on many electric guitars. Unlike other neck reset techniques, this simple one requires very little attention to the side-to-side neck alignment because that is held constant by the fingerboard extension still glued to the top. Inner Light Ring - size 8. Logged James '07 GA8-12 '19 Academy 12e-N '13 GSmini Mahogany. Taylor designed the heel that way, so sandpaper could be drawn through the joint, effectively cutting the heel so that the neck would pull in closer at the bottom, thus changing the neck angle.


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