It is used as iron long rods in combination with concrete and cement. Iron formulations containing ferrous fumerate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate etc are used. Hence iron is used in agriculture to maintain proper growth of plants. Using other metals is not possible due to their chances of melting at such high temperatures. Even scientific machinery, research instruments, thermostats use iron for making. Heavy machines: Heavy machines like cranes, road rollers, bore machines are made of iron to a large extent. There are many different types of steels available today. In bridge construction: Many worlds’ famous bridges like Brooklyn are built of iron to a large extent. Iron is an important mineral required by the human body, and has a major role in the execution of various metabolic processes. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af8baf60d1fe23748588807d469f0bde" );document.getElementById("dce3777a12").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The reason iron is used in many ways is because it has properties that can be changed according to the need of mankind by mixing it with other substances – either metallic or nonmetallic. This form of iron does not get rust but is also strong and durable. Doing a project on the history of Iron Tools and the effect of it on today this was helpful ! It is fairly cheap that’ why it is … If you only look with your eyes wide open, you will realize that our life runs smoothly due to the conveniences that iron-made products provide. For adults it is given in tablet and capsule format.The iron is taken up by the body to restore iron reserves in it. Iron deficiency leads to few diseases. yeah.. this was helpful for my sba… (SCHOOL BASED ASSESMENT) . Fencing: Fencing or boundary wire of farms and grounds are made of iron. Iron is protein’s best friend when it comes to the forming of … Without iron it would have difficult to build many big bridges, monuments (Eiffel tower) and skyscraper buildings. In such a form, it help prevents different types of pest attacks in plants. It is a fact that you can find iron or a form of it, wherever you may be. There is no other metal which can be a substitute to it in few applications. But when the levels go below these levels the condition is termed as hypochromic anemia. in factories are made of iron. Compared to other metals, iron is cheaper and also more durable. Stainless steel, meanwhile, is used in kitchen cutlery, appliances, and cookware. Adding iron to the construction gives strength and durability to the construction. That’s why everywhere you go, everywhere you look, you will find iron at work. It has been in use since ages by man for his every day needs. A combination of iron and other elements make up important products that are found very useful in a lot of ways. Biological role Iron is an essential element for all forms of life and is non-toxic. It is also present in the enzymes form in all the animals. That’s why it is used in many products that you often see around the house. It is created when iron is combined with other metals. Besides, home and building constructions rely a lot on iron. While white cast iron is used to make bearings. This medication is an iron supplement used to treat or prevent low blood levels of iron (such as those caused by anemia or pregnancy). The Metallic Iron. Home & construction materials: Many cooking and kitchen ware and products are made of stainless steel which is made from iron. Some of the most commonly used iron alloys are: Steel – the combination of iron and carbon, this material is massively used in construction, weapons and transportation. Iron finds its use in Food Medicine Agriculture. Its toughness, resistance to harsh conditions and strength make is suitable for hard tasks. There is also iron arsenate, another important compound, which can be found in insecticides. Cast iron has a heating element that is most appropriate for cookware, cooking items, and accessories. This iron is important for the body as it is part of the hemoglobin (HB) in the red blood cells of our body. Iron hydroxide is a compound that runs water purification systems employed in our kitchen sinks. Iron catalysts are used in the Haber process for producing ammonia, and in the Fischer–Tropsch process for converting syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide) into liquid fuels. It has many uses in different industries and even in the human body. Iron gets oxidized when it comes in contact with atmospheric oxygen. Iron is a metallic chemical element that is very common in our planet. Each type is made with iron combined with different elements including carbon, silicon, and nickel among others. Thank u very much!!! It is also used as a coloring agent for paints. It is very important in ensuring that the need for pure and clean water in the household is met efficiently. Wrought iron, for example, is used in outdoor items that can beautify the yard and the patio. While all human cells contain iron, it is mostly found in red blood cells. It is also used as an additive in animal feed. Stainless steel is a common type of steel used in a host of different products. But the main frame work and other parts like pistons, wires, wheel bearings are made of iron. Iron is one of the minerals most vital to human health. It is fairly cheap that’ why it is commonly used in manufacturing machine tools, automobiles, hulls of large ships, machine parts, and even building parts. Iron is most commonly used for preventing and treating anemia caused by low iron levels. Tools: Most of the tools we use in daily life like spanners, screw drivers, compass etc. Iron is also common in many different tools, surgical equipments, and appliances. It is used to treat anemia or iron deficiency. Which means less colored (blood) anemia? So, during such conditions, physicians’ advice to have high iron content food stuffs like green leafy vegetables. Iron Helps The Forming of Hemoglobin. It is in a category of transition elements and is rarely found in pure form. It also can be molded easily to create many forms. You will then understand how iron and its every form or component is important in our world. It is 100% recyclable and is used in aircrafts and automobiles. Such furnaces are made of materials like cement beside iron in them. It is not only included in the makeup of different transport options. Grey cast iron is used in making engine piston cylinder cases, gear boxes and other tools. That’s the same thing with automobiles, aircrafts, ships, heavy carriers, and heavy machineries. It is used in foundations, roofs and even pillars of the building and homes. Pipes made of iron are durable and chances of leaks due to small damage are very less. Automobiles Heavy machinery Fencing Furnaces Tools Security systems Pipes In bridge construction. Even gas cylinders used to deliver gas for medicine or natural cooking gas are made of iron. are made of iron. Besides this iron is an essential element and considered as micro nutrient for plants and animals. Iron sulfate, another iron compound, is also useful in many ways. Furnaces: Furnaces are used to heat the substance to as high as even 1000 degree centigrade temperature or more. Home construction process. Steel is an important component in every structure, in every type of construction. It can be found in the kitchen, in your living room, in your bathroom – in every part of your home and in many products or items that run it. There are iron fences, arbors, trellis, and even the most decorative iron furnitures can be made of iron. Automobiles: Automobiles are built to a large extent with iron. Iron concentration is critical for plants. Cast iron can be used in the kitchen. A good chunk of structures today are made of metallic iron. Even the tools to operate in the furnace are made of iron. Cast iron is an important form that is used in manufacturing pots, pans, skillets, ovens, and trays. 1  Iron is a strong metal that is not that expensive. Organic iron is the from by which it is absorbed from soil by plants. Hemoglobin is made up of iron and protein. Other compounds that include this element are used in dyes, insecticides, water purification, and many other products. Pipes: Another place where iron is largely used is pipes for supply of water. It can be found everywhere. It can withstand the environmental wear and tear for long. Iron has a high resistance to rust formation. Iron is probably the most widely used metals in the world. The ductile strength and hard of iron gives them strength to bear the heavy weight. Wrought iron can be used for seating, fences, and other decorative purposes, while steel is often used in construction. The use of stainless steel and iron in this form makes every thing in our world today working perfectly fine.


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