A printable PDF version of this page can be found here. This PDF also includes five years of trend data. © 2020 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First-Year Undergraduates, Unit Operating Budget Numbers and Organizational Codes, UW Academy COVID Expense and Revenue Loss Tracking Guidelines, https://www.washington.edu/financialaid/getting-started/student-budgets/, Room and Board* (traditional undergraduates), Non-Resident Undergraduate Annual Tuition. If students enroll in more than 21 units per semester, they will pay additional tuition of $2,346 for each credit unit beyond the 21. The costs above are for full time undergraduate students. $74,788. Please check with the graduate school individually concerning financial assistance application processes and deadlines. Total Cost. The costs above are for full time undergraduate students. The 2020-21 rate shows the rate approved by Regents. Indirect costs may include housing, dining, books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses. Use our cost calculators to get a better estimate of the expected family contribution for you. For UW Tacoma students residing in Thurston County, the UPASS fee is $20/quarter, or $60 for the regular academic year. *Actual cost for books and supplies is determined by the classes you take, if you rent v. purchase, where you get them, etc. The Office of Student Financial Aid website has more information about student budgets, and other areas of the OPB website have more information on student fees and annual tuition. View the Summer 2020 tuition rates for specific rate information. Registrar Services Bouillon Hall 140 Phone: (509) 963-3001 Fax: (509) 963-1230 reg@cwu.edu Get updates at admissions.wustl.edu/announcements/covid-19/. Room and board are based on a modern double-room in university housing and the Silver Plan meal plan. Monday, August 24: At this time, all daily visit events and on- and off-campus events have been cancelled and there are visitor restrictions in effect. Tuition & Fee Questions; Current Tuition And Fees Dashboards; Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First-Year Undergraduates; Required Student Fees; Course Fees; Fee-Based Programs; Graduate Appointment Waivers; Tuition History; Tuition Disclosures; UW Data. What is the approximate cost round-trip? Total university charges. Tuition & Fees. For admission to a graduate program, you should apply directly to the school or department in which you are interested. Total university charges. *Room and board rates depend on the room and meal plan selected. We encourage you to utilize our cost calculators—both have been designed to give you an estimate of your family’s financial contribution to WashU. Please note that many students pay fees beyond those presented here, such as course fees (which vary by discipline) and student insurance fees. WashU is committed to meeting 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for admitted students. If you don’t apply, you won’t have the chance to see how our need-based financial aid and scholarship programs can help you and your family. Direct costs are those paid directly to the university. ****Tacoma’s U-PASS fee of $45/quarter was first charged in Spring 2019. $7 4,788. Tacoma will begin charging its new rate in Winter 2021 to students entering in the Spring 2021 cohort. Full-time study is considered to be 12 to 18 units. Personal, non-education expenses vary by student. *Room and board rates depend on the room and meal plan selected. The table contains estimated indirect costs which may vary. *Costs are subject to change. This calculator asks more in-depth questions to generate an estimate of your net price. The Washington University Student Health Insurance Plan is billed to students in the fall semester. The costs above are for full time undergraduate students. Seattle will begin charging its new rate in Spring 2021 to students entering as part of the Fall 2021 cohort. Bothell will begin charging its new rate in Winter 2021 to students entering as part of the Winter 2021 cohort. $39,097. The university requires all full-time degree-seeking students to have health insurance. It reflects student fees and budgets for the regular academic year: fall, winter, and spring. Financial aid, for many students, is an important consideration in the decision to pursue higher education. The U‐PASS fee was suspended for Fall 2020 due to the COVID‐19 epidemic. Some programs may require the purchase of specific computer equipment. ** Student-led committees are responsible for all fees under this header, except NSEOF. In 2019, Chancellor Martin announced a bold new program that provides a free undergraduate education to qualifying incoming students in Missouri and southern Illinois. ***The effective date of each new NSEOF rate varies by campus. Summer tuition rates may differ from Fall and Spring rates for certain programs. Room and board are based on a modern double-room in university housing and the Silver Plan meal plan. * The annual student budget for these items are based on the federal “cost of attendance” definition, which is used to determine financial aid eligibility: https://www.washington.edu/financialaid/getting-started/student-budgets/. $24,909. Regents approve rate changes for all fees except U-PASS, which is governed by Regent-approved MOUs. The calculator takes approximately seven minutes to complete. The estimates below are based on surveys of current WashU students. These expenses are not billed by the university. Resident tuition: $11,745: $11,745: $11,745: Resident total costs: $20,106: $29,319: $33,597: Non-resident tuition: $39,114: $39,114: $39,114: Non-resident total costs: $47,475: $56,688: $60,966 ^Will you fly or drive? Tuition for the 2020-21 academic year is $28,150 per semester for full-time study. Expenses not billed by the university will vary by student. This calculator asks six basic financial questions to provide you with a quick estimate of college costs, and works best for families with less complex financial situations. If you have questions, we’re here to help. Each will ask you a series of questions, which will help determine the monetary value of your financial aid award and scholarships.


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